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Natural treasures and beauty with cohesion.

With six national parks under its direct jurisdiction, Parks Australia needed a brand refresh and an effective way to communicate the individual identity of each park with cohesion. I worked directly with their developer on page templates to be used across all park websites and extend each park's online identity. A design system and style guide were crucial to this project; we built upwards from UI details to ensure modularity and no accidental overlap between parks while maintaining a single base interface design to connect them all.

What I did: Prototypes, user stories, content architecture, visual and UI design, art direction, identity refresh

↓ Planning wireframes and content structure with a quick prototype

↓ Interface details for a location where up-to-date information had to be shown clearly for visitors who need information on the go.

↓ Template designs and details, later extended from one to six major parks

↓ Style guides for three out of six parks